Webinar: What could possibly go wrong in the supply chain?

Chicken goes bad, and ice cream melts; this is just a day in a consumer’s life at home. You can see these mistakes happen and make sure that you do not serve these items to your family. Supply chain is a lot different. When you are responsible for a Truckload of chicken and several retail stores worth of ice cream, you have to get it right. But, getting it right comes with lessons learned. 95 years of challenges have allowed Burris Logistics to provide you with expertise in almost any situation.

End-to-end Supply Chain

Burris Custom creates solutions for your supply chain needs, focusing on accuracy and technology-ensured safety to move temperature-controlled products from our dock doors to yours. Our bread and butter are frozen and refrigerated products, with a delicate touch for handling produce and flowers. Our Team Members aren’t born logisticians; they made into them via years of working in the Supply Chain. Through this education comes expertise, and we are happy to share with our partners.

Please enjoy our webinar! Our Team members share real-life experiences of supply chain problems, techniques for adapting, and how we can laugh at mistakes from our past! E-commerce, redistribution, and freight brokerage are all susceptible to disruption, but it is how we recover from them that matters.

The webinar is moderated by Bobby Bailey, VP of Marketing, and a cast of characters to include Nick Falk, Senior Vice President – Business Development and Solution Design at Burris Logistics, Joseph Adams, Vice President of Sales and Purchasing at Honor Foods, Megan Caruso, Senior Account Executive, at Burris Logistics, and Mo Shearer, Senior Sales Executive CTB at Trinity Logistics. Together, they bring years of experience ensuring a connected supply chain.

Join us in this conversation to understand how our Team handles supply chain challenges to be your end-to-end supply chain partners!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong Webinar by #BurrisLogistics