Welcome to the new Burris Custom Website. Burris Custom is our brand dedicated to Innovative Distribution Partnerships, but what does that mean? We hope that through your use of our website, you learn about our brand and find what Custom can do for you. 

Our partners do not come to us looking for just warehousing or distribution. Instead, they look to our team for the expertise we provide through the full line of services we offer. Our value add is scalability and growing with a partner. Temperature-controlled warehousing is often at the root of the solution, but we can scale to include integrated Logistics Technology, Dedicated Fleet Distribution, Product Procurement, and E-commerce Fulfillment. 

In a Custom warehouse, we offer a full suite of solutions to become an extension of your supply chain, without taking on the burden of distribution for yourself. You focus on your product, customers, and marketing, and will take care of the rest. 

To learn more about our brand, download this guide. To talk to a ONEBURRIS Business Development team member, please use this form