E-Commerce Capabilities with Butcher Box

Picture this: A steamy grill, fresh charcoal, grilling utensils, a cold iced tea in hand, and a beautiful Saturday afternoon. What is missing? Fresh, hearty, and lean meat! Don’t worry; our partners have you covered in that area of expertise this National Barbeque (BBQ) Month and throughout the grilling season. 

Fresh vegetables, frozen meat, refrigerated cheeses, frozen desserts, and much more all play a massive part in a successful BBQ. That BBQ wouldn’t be successful if the food wasn’t stored and transported at the proper temperature. Our temperature-controlled warehouses and dedicated fleet allow our Distribution Centers (DC’s) to handle refrigerated and frozen food distribution with ease. 


Our partners depend on us to execute with expertise, safety, and efficiency. Our logistics technology solutions provide our partners with visibility and control; this is especially important to our partners who produce sensitive products such as meat. 

“A couple of big wins are our ability to capture catch weight items (billed per lb and needing to know the exact weight shipped) through individually scanning each, as well as our order accuracy measures including box weight verification after order selection, including the amount of dry ice shipped to protect freshness,” Nick Falk, Senior VP of Business Development. 

Our warehouses see an increase in meat distribution to retail and club stores anytime families gather, whether for holidays, summer BBQs, or grilling season. Our E-Commerce partners also see a sharp increase in sales during specialty holidays, such as National BBQ Month/grilling season, which falls near Memorial Day. 

One of our partners, Butcher Box, specializes in high-quality meats to include 100% grass-fed beef. You may see four of our Burris Logistics trailers on the roads with an 8′ tall ribeye wrapped on the sides of them! However, our dedicated fleet is not the only mode of transportation distributing our partner’s products. 


“Grilling season is in full swing and our members are excited to get back to entertaining at home. It’s no secret that shipping frozen in the summer months can be tricky, but the care and attention Burris takes to ensure our members are getting a top-notch experience when their ButcherBox arrives at their door this summer is unmatched.” — Bobby Quirk, Vice President of Operations at ButcherBox

“While most e-commerce food orders are shipped via various carrier ground networks, we also ship through some of the carrier air services (e.g., UPS Next Day Air and FedEx Priority Overnight). Since dry ice begins sublimating into its original gas form (carbon dioxide) as soon as it is exposed to temperatures above -109° F, this makes it a hazardous substance. Only a limited amount can be carried on aircraft. In all air shipment cases, we must apply a special label on the package which denotes that dry ice as in the box as well as the weight (in kilograms) of the dry ice,” Matthew Metz, eComm Service Desk Manager. 

Our logistics technology can adapt to warmer months to ensure the safe handling and distribution of specialty products we manage. We see a fluctuation in the liner types and dry ice amounts we use for certain partners as we enter the warmer months. The quantity of liners and dry ice amounts can change per partner depending on the seasons. 

“Our WMS has algorithms built in to ensure freshness and safe handling, including determining the fastest shipment methods, the quantity of dry ice or gel packs needed, and a factor for seasonality to adjust both based upon destination and weather,” Falk.

Our warehouse technology also simplifies and increases the accuracy of dry ice when we are adding it to specialty food items during warmer months. “Burris has also implemented scales at the end of our pick lines that weigh each order to be sure the correct amount of dry ice has been added to the box. If it’s lighter than expected, the box is sent to an audit line where the issue can be identified and addressed,” Metz.

We hope our partners, Team, and community are able to enjoy the satisfaction of having a safe and delicious BBQ season this year knowing we are your end-to-end supply chain partner that plays a part in MAKING IT HAPPEN.